BCF Partnership Program

In an effort to encourage overall fund development for local nonprofit agencies by including planned gifts alongside annual fundraising and capital campaigns, Bartlesville Community Foundation and Bartlesville Regional United Way launched the Planned Giving Partnership Program in September 2014. Since December 2016, the Bartlesville Community Foundation has assumed full responsibility in hosting the Planned Giving Partnership Program.

This program is designed to encourage agencies to consciously build endowment gifts through planned giving. Planned gifts are gifts to charity from donor’s assets, rather than gifts from donor’s income. Common ways to give through a donor’s estate include wills, revocable trusts, life insurance, retirement accounts, charitable trusts and charitable gift annuities.

As part of the program, Bartlesville Community Foundation provides a range of services to the partnership agencies and community donors. In order to ensure that agencies may participate in the program without sacrificing services to clients and the public, a portion of the costs associated with the program are underwritten by Bartlesville Community Foundation. Each agency that participates in the program pays an annual fee, based on the size of their operating budget. In return, each agency receives a full-time, outsourced planned giving office, customized to their organizational culture. This innovative program has raised nearly $8 million in planned gifts for organizations just like yours!